21428 Greenbrier Road, Boonsboro‎ MD‎ 21713
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Just edit this element to add your own HTML. July 2018 Cool Pool Updates! WOW – Can you believe that we are through ½ of the swimming season today. The weather, the pool, the membership have been positive and thank you for spreading the good word about Mt. Lena Pool. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their membership. NEWS FLASH: On Friday, July 27th there will be a late night swim from 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. The night lights will be on and in the clubhouse, ice cream sundaes will be served. Activities: It is not too late to join the water aerobics group. Jackie is a fabulous instructor and it feels so good exercising in the water. Groups meet Tuesday mornings at 10:30 or Thursday evenings at 6:30. Also, Tracy Kinzer, one of our lifeguards will be offering swimming lessons- very personalized. He will personally arrange times with you (contact: 240-527-4750 or $5.00 for 30 minute beginners or $10.00 for 60 minutes advanced, Fundraising and Volunteering: Thank you to Jane Gladhill for arranging the “31” Fundraiser for July. Catalogs are still in the clubhouse and the closing date is July 25th. In August the pool will sponsor a “That’s My Pan” fundraiser. If you have never seen this, it is a great opportunity to get Christmas gifts for grandparents, aunts and even yourself. More to follow and the display will be in the clubhouse, Finally on Sunday, August 19th is the pool’s concession stand at the Mason-Dixon Dragstrip. This is a major fundraiser for the pool and MANY volunteers are needed. Starting this weekend, the sign-up will be in the clubhouse with more info. Other Important Info: The Pool’s Board of Directors met on July 11th to review the progress half way through the season and for future planning. Depending on Finances some priorities were determined: the pool filters, the shallow section of the pool, windows in the clubhouse, bathroom upgrade and umbrellas. That’s a lot and can’t be done all at once but with the growth of the pool it is nice to at least plan. As you all know, the Mt. Lena Pool is a very family oriented pool so please refresh yourself with the rules posted at the pool entry and it will continue to be the best pool around. Members have been wonderful asking what they can do to help (someone even ran out and got toilet paper when we ran out!) Remember snacks count towards volunteer time- just remember to leave your receipt with your name. IMPORTANT NOTE: In cases of extreme inclement weather the pool will close. If in doubt and wondering if the pool is open before heading out, please contact call 301-491-4369